• Imagen 1 Handspun Yarn Worsted Weight 100% Angora Chain Ply, 3 ply
    Here you have natural 100% pure white French angora rabbit yarn. Softer than cashmere, 7 times warmer than sheep wool. $86

Collage and Ideasthesia in Painting

A playful combination of empathy, surrealist automation, and ideasthesia

Collage #4
acrylic, ink
on masonite 8" x 12"


nancy tranter


The Crown

 It's no mystery that graphic designers wear many hats to get the job done. I fell into a side hustle of jewelry design and after sometime taking care of a 8 and 10 year old princess crowns became a big thing. So I got to thinking and before you know it partnered up with a factory called CAFINE and created one.  Introducing the ELIZABETH crown. A new product which was created in collaboration with CAFINE Factory. We created some vintage style baroque crowns inspired by Northwest European culture. Gold and diamond Swarovski crystal crown. The tiara is suitable for weddings or other celebrations, princess, pageant, bridesmaid. Absolutely fabulous crown. Has a great weight and a lot of sparkle! A truly stunning tiara full of beautiful detailing with varying sized crystals. Timelessly elegant, and breathtakingly gorgeous piece using the best materials available very high quality. nancystoreonline.com