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Upcycling Jewelry Cultured Freshwater Pearl Turquoise Gold Earring Lazer Cut Lace

With the abundance of eco-friendly green jewelry designs available on the market, you don’t have to sacrifice accessorizing for the sake of being a greener fashionista. Granted, some green jewelry is more fashionable than others, but at least you’re doing your part for the environment. From necklaces made of soda cans to haute couture baubles of recycled plastic. Maybe it will inspire you to make some eco-friendly baubles yourself!

I found these particular laser cut pieces on a table at a thrift store.  I then wrapped up the pearls with gold fill wire - it was such a pleasure to get my hands on it again. These amazing cultured freshwater pearls I  had for a while they were left over stock from a previous bracelet creation. It is easy to see why the color of acrylic amber gold dangling beads at the bottom suits these lovely pearls. The warm colors of rich amber browns, golds and a pop of turquiose makes these errings look delicious and rich.

Gold Silla Necklace

Gyeongju, the capital of the kingdoms of Old Silla (57 B.C.–668 A.D.) and Unified Silla (668–935), is dotted with impressive mounds of royal tombs. Their occupants range from kings, queens, and princes to relatives and nobility blessed into the inner circles of power. From the time of their construction, these tombs have stood as symbols of political authority and cultural grandeur. Beyond objects of splendor, gold ornaments from Silla tombs also served as status symbols. Whereas gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings were appropriate accessories for both royalty and nobility, gold crowns and belts were reserved for the royal family. Furthermore, the objects' quality and design reflected the social and political rank of the deceased, so that a king's cache is indisputably more dazzling and complex than those of a royal kin or an aristocratic leader. To some degree, burial objects were also gender-coded. Decorative swords, for example, have been found only in the tombs of males. In general, however, many jewels, including elaborate earrings and necklaces, were made for members of both sexes. 

The Silla practice of building large mound-tombs and interring scores of gold ornaments gradually declined following the official adoption of Buddhism as the state religion in 528. Instead, cremation became the standard postmortem practice. Accordingly, urns replaced jewelry as the main burial accoutrement. By the end of the sixth century, opulent ritual accessories made of gold and other precious metals were destined for Buddhist temples rather than royal tombs.

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Pearl Bracelet - freshwater pearl bracelet and brass hexagon beads

Wow this bracelet was inspired by pantone color of the year: turquoise. That's right the color consortium have announced their favorite fashion color for 2010.
I'm excited to have been featured in Etsy's Treasury: Band of Gold. 
Luminous freshwater pearl bracelet and brass hexagon beads.
* gold plated slide lock closure.
* Approx. length: small 4 1/2”-6”; medium 5 ½”-7".
* Freshwater pearls 6mm/plated gold/brass.