• Imagen 1 Handspun Yarn Worsted Weight 100% Angora Chain Ply, 3 ply
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Moe Bridges Art Deco Chandelier Restoration

When it arrived from the flea market the bobeshes and beaded crystal trim were missing, the wiring was from 1910 and the finish was irregular. I aquired the piece from a demolition expert working on a house in Sterling, Illinoise. If you can find yourself a demolition expert in the midwest the restoration actually becomes affordable and worth it. 38$ not including paint and wiring. Restoration of polychrome was going to be tricky I used a mild ketchup solution (thats right ketchup!) which is great for cleaning paint. I left the ketchup on overnight and gently washed it away with warm water in the morning the brass and chrome were shining. Don't use chemicals for cleaning paint you run the risk of removing it. The girls had a blast squeezing ketchup everywhere. The photographs speak for themselves. The molded iron body and finial had to be repainted nothing of the original color was left.  Verdigris removal needed to be done with a soft tip dremmel and I rewired using porceline fittings and 16AWG UL wire with copper grounding.
Lighting can make or break your kitchen interior scheme make sure you take the time out to design for ambient, task, mood, accent and decorative. I'm about to install dimmer switches there inexpensive and can give me a wide range of ambient overhead chandelier options.  This bolsters my light from the 2' x 4' skylight I have. Next is 'Task' lighting to ensure safe food prep' built-in light is under the cabinets. I have an open-concept kitchen and want it to look great when not in use so my 'Mood' lighting are battery timed wall sconce candles which is nice so you can see in the dark. Avoid fabric-covered lighting ideas as these absorb grease and smells and keep lamps off counters to free up work zones.

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