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Color Inspiration from the Flower Bee Balm Firelight 17-1460 Pantone

Color inspiration of the day is Bee Balm from hair dye to a graphic designers color breakdown.

Firelight pantone Bee Balm adore hair color

adore hair color pink rose violet gem bee balm firelight
Hair recipe is based on starting with a hair color of classic brown #4 bleached to #6 with heavy orange overtones 

You can think of the palette of Pantone tones as a universal language of design. They have their different codes and numbers, along with some widely used, signature hues.You could say they are ultimate celebration and demonstration of the power colours hold. Now, in the area of the web, a general rule is that all colours should be in RGB format. On the other hand, print media is rooted in CMYK or Pantone spot colours. The truth is that, despite the gap, one can get pretty close to matching colours in web and print. Alas, it is never a perfect process as colours do not end up looking identical. This is one of the main obstacles that designers face.
Firelight pantone

daniel ricciardo Firelight 17-1460 Pantone Color

source: perbang.dk, adore hair color, pantone #danielricciardo #firelight