Rose Clay, Charcoal, Goats Milk Spa Bar

Rose Clay and Activated Charcoal are great soap ingredients for several reasons. They have great purifying qualities and introduce beautiful natural coloring to your melt and pour soap.
Rose Clay is a very beautiful clay that adds a dusty rosy pink color and gentle exfoliation. Clay can be added to Melt & Pour Soap up to 1 tablespoon per pound.  The easiest way to add Clay to your Soap is to mix it with a small amount of rubbing alcohol prior to adding it to your Soap Base. Creating a smooth liquid with the clay and rubbing alcohol will help keep the clay from clumping when you add it to the Soap; the rubbing alcohol will evaporate out.
Activated Charcoal has so many cleansing and purifying properties. With charcoal, a little goes a long way. 1 teaspoon should be plenty tret it the same way using a small amount of rubbing alcohol until it disolves
For a great skin nourishing soap, I used goats milk soap base a proprietary blend from Brambleberry. Goat milk contains a certain fatty acid that helps skin prevent the moisture loss and its PH is similar to that of human skin. If you want to receive all the benefits of goat milk in melt and pour soap, Goat Milk Melt and Pour Base is your best bet. If your using Rose Absolute you would not want to waste it in the heat up process during saponification. The oil is too precious and expensive to just burn off. This soap has a lot of skin-loving ingredients that are perfect for facial skin. However, everybody’s skin is different! Some may be more sensitive than others. I would recommend trying this bar on your face and seeing what you think!
To make this soap you will need:
56 ounces Goats Milk Melt & Pour soap
1/2 teaspoon Activated Charcoal
1 tablespoon Rose Clay
12 mL Rose Otto Essential Oil 
12 Cavity Rectangle Mold
Start by cutting up your goats milk soap base into small cubes. I have learned that keeping the cubes small and evenly sized will help make the melting process go a little more smoothly – pun intended! When you have all the soap base all cubed, divide the base.
Put the small soap portion in the microwave for intervals of 30 seconds and stirring in between. This will allow the soap to melt evenly without scorching. The goal is to get a nice smooth melted soap base without over heating. 
Divide the soap into three portions: plain goats milk, rose clay, and charcoal.
Use a very small bowl and measure out 1/2 teaspoon of activated charcoal into the dish. Add rubbing alcohol until it’s well hydrated and easy to mix (up to 1 Tablespoon). Using the mini mixer or small wisk, carefully blend the charcoal to break up any clumps and get a smooth liquid consistency. Set that aside. Use the same technique for the rose clay. 
get your mold ready mist with rubbing alcohol and pour 
Once the entire tray has completely cooled and hardened, you can carefully unmold it.